Staff Directory

Rick Christman, CEO

Rick Christman

Jim Woolums, College Director

Jim Woolums

College Director
Lindsay Wells, Assistant College Director

Lindsay Wells

Assistant College Director/ Registrar
Andrea Cancelliere, Director of Financial Aid

Andrea Cancelliere

Director of Financial Aid
Megan Pratt, Campus Administrator

Megan Pratt

Winchester Campus Administrator
Jaye Forsythe-Seward, Director of Bluegrass Career Services

Jaye Forsythe-Seward

Director of Bluegrass Career Services
Lydia Shrout, Admissions Advisor

Lydia Shrout

Admissions Advisor
Melissa Goffinet, Medical Program Coordinator

Melissa Goffinet

Medical Program Coordinator
C.J. Horne

CJ Horne

Lead Program Coordinator Cosmetology and Nail Tech
Chip Breeze, Lead Building Trades Instructor

Charles "Chip" Breeze

Building Trades Technician Lead Instructor
Jennifer Krimmel, Business Operations Instructor

Jennifer Krimmel

Business Operations Instructor
Terry Nelson, Cosmetology Instructor

Terry Nelson

Cosmetology Instructor
Jackie Collins, Building Trades Technician Instructor

Jackie Collins

Building Trades Technician Instructor
Carmella Mills, Medical Assistant Instructor

Carmella Mills

Medical Assistant Instructor

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