Building Trades Technician

The Building Trades Technician program at CTE offers the right technical skills and work procedures training needed for those who wish to enter this profession. Student fees include the clothing and tools necessary during the class and for your career needs.

HVAC, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical and all done with hands-on activity, this is what the Building Trades Technician program is all about at the College for Technical Education.

Building Trades Students doing hands-on work
Building Trades student and teacher working together

Building Trades

Possible Career Paths

Office Building Maintenance

Construction Site Work

Residential & Commercial Repair

608 HVAC EPA Certified Positions

  1. To provide training opportunities that will develop relevant technical skills and work procedures along with a positive professional attitude.
  2. To provide classroom/training facilities, instructional materials, and up-to-date equipment that meet current business and industry standards.
  3. To develop and put into practice successful interpersonal communication skills and customer service techniques appropriate for the Building Trades profession.
  4. To provide activities allowing students to add realism to their classroom training and enhance their technical skills.
  5. To gain proficiency in skills that will result in employment and/or advancements in education and training.
  6. To understand and demonstrate the safe use of tools, machines, and related instruments in the Building Trades Technician field.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov) forecasts average job prospects (8% increase between 2016 to 2026) for building technicians, whom it categorizes alongside maintenance and repair workers, in the coming years, although construction tends to ebb and flow with the economy.


The median annual salary for building technicians is $37,670, according to the BLS as of May 2017.

Career Readiness

In partnership with Bluegrass Career Services, students in every program receive career readiness training during their time with the college. Services include:

Career Readiness Classes

Application Assistance

Job Search Assistance

Career Planning

Practice Interviews

Lifelong Assistance

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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Start now and begin your career in under a year.


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