Notice regarding the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Distribution (HEERF)

The US Department of Education Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, Emergency Financial Aid grants have been awarded to Employment Solutions, Inc./College for Technical Education. In total the grant equaled $275,570

Employment Solutions, Inc./College for Technical Education signed an agreement/attestation that funds awarded to the college and those for the students would be used in the appropriate manner.

Mandates of this grant require that no less than 50% of the funds were to be distributed to students  who received Title IV Federal Financial Aid funding for their education.  The remaining amount may be used by the college to offset the cost of the change of operations due to COVID-19.

Distribution to  Students: 

Of the received amount, $137,808 was disbursed to students, equaling 50%.  These funds were distributed to students in the hopes to help those who may have experienced a disruption to their education due to the  COVID-19 pandemic.  Employment Solutions, Inc./College for Technical Education made the determination that these funds were made available to all students(58 total) who were eligible that received Title IV funds (Federal Financial Aid) and attended the college at the time normal on-campus operations ceased and students were encouraged to continue using the college’s provided online format.

It is understood that disruptions to education may have affected the student’s ability to provide for expenses such as housing, food, technology, health care, children, and course materials.   In determining eligibility for an Emergency Financial Aid Grant, the campus used one of the suggested methods of using the US Department of Education’s calculation of Expected Family Contribution (EFC) which was determined independently for each student when completing the FAFSA.  This EFC considers additional factors such as the household income, dependents in the household,  and other financial factors.  Upon review of the total student population and the EFC’s of each student who was eligible to receive Title IV funds for their education, it was determined that all students within Employment Solutions, Inc./College for Technical Education’s population would receive an equal share of the disbursement.

All funds were disbursed to students with the initial disbursement.  No additional quarterly reports are required.

Institutional Funds:

In addition to the funding for students, the College was awarded Institutional funds which were to be used for the costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the unexpected cost of operations that would not normally have been encountered if it weren’t for the pandemic.  These funds are made available to the school for additional institutional costs that may be related to the interruption by COVID-19.  The funding available was $137,784 and may be used over a period of 52 weeks as needed.  The institutional portion of the grant must be reported quarterly.

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