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Barrett & Co is now
the college for technical education

Same Hands-on Experience and Knowledgeable, supportive Instructors but with a new name! At the College for Technical Education, we are devoted to high quality education to grow your career. It’s easy to get started and we never charge any application or registration fees.

With open enrollment and continual year round start dates – we have a start that can suit you!

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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Less than 1 Year

Start now and begin your career in under a year.

Hands-On Skills

Our Instructors provide the Hands-On instruction needed.

High Quality Education to Grow Your Career

Our new campus in Nicholasville will provide education and support that will enable students to obtain lifelong careers in personally rewarding occupations. We take pride in providing students with education and training that is affordable, practical and leads to employment. The faculty and staff are here to help you become successful. All we ask in return is that you do your best and that you believe in yourself!

Our Mission

Now the big question... "How do I pay for it?"

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