Temporary Online Attestation

Employment Solutions, Inc./College for Technical Education is currently holding all program classes in an online format. This is an EMERGENCY DISTANCE LEARNING permitted by the accrediting and licensing bodies, as well as the Department of Education during this National Emergency.

Students are responsible for their own technology and upkeep of that technology. The College does not provide devices, internet, etc.

Upon the lifting of restrictions for on-campus classes, the College will resume on campus classes and distance learning for enrolled students will cease to be an option to continue in the program. Students will be required to attend on campus. If students fail to continue their education on campus after restrictions are lifted, the student will be responsible for their academic performance and grades that awarded, as well as all financial responsibilities resulting from withdrawal.


I understand that I have enrolled with Employment Solutions, Inc./College for Technical Education during a TEMPORARY EMERGENCY DISTANCE LEARNING format. I also attest that I will be expected to attend classes ON-CAMPUS and not online when restrictions have been lifted for the campus. Failure to attend classes on-campus (Monday-Thursday in Lexington or Monday-Friday in Winchester) and follow the attendance requirements will lead to academic and financial ramifications and I take responsibility for those actions. Finally, I understand that I will not be provided any technology by the college in order to attend online classes.

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